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Woman Gives Birth At Lucas Oil Stadium During Colts, Browns Game

A baby girl was born at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis during Sunday’s football game between the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns, WLFI reported.

The newborn is the niece of Indianapolis native and Browns wide receiver David Bell. according to To WLFI.

“Our niece was born today here at the stadium,” Butler said, according to WLFI. “Our niece went into labor and she gave birth at 1:20, so today is a really exciting day.”

Bell said the timing of her birth was unexpected. Her due date was originally set for the 26th, but labor started just as her family arrived across the street on their way to the stadium. Seeking immediate help, they headed to the stadium’s first aid station, where the birth occurred around 1:20 p.m., 20 minutes into the match. according to Go to NBC News.

“Her whole idea was to try to have the baby before the game, but you know, it’s all God’s timing,” the NFL player added, according to WLFI. “Now I have a new niece. I hope I can meet her when I get back to town.” 

A spokesperson for the stadium expressed their gratitude. Indiana University Health Sciences She thanked the couple for helping her deliver the baby and congratulated the family, according to NBC News.

On the field, the Browns victory Cleveland’s Kareem Hunt scored a last-minute touchdown, making the final score 39-38 against the Colts.

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