Putting Politics Aside – We have a Republic to Save


Why is no one addressing the imminent threat of nuclear war?

By: Anne Marie DiCarlo

June 28, 2024

After listening to the disastrous performance of President Biden in the first Presidential debate, I cannot help but ponder the words of President Trump when he stated that the war in Ukraine would never have started under his watch. How true that statement is.

Under the Biden administration, the deep state and forever war neo-cons have had full reign on matters of foreign policy. The latter are entrenched in a Soviet cold war mentality that makes them unable or unwilling to recognize the obvious changes in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union.

This is not to say that Russia is the model of a democratic republic, but it is no longer a one-party state where its leaders are completely unconcerned about the approval of the governed.

In the now famous Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin, Putin took great pains to present a brief history of the Russian nation. I believe that he did this to emphasize to the West that the legacy of the Russian people is enduring. Regardless of the forms that its government took over the centuries, the emphasis has always been about the preservation of ‘Mother Russia’. From its czars to General Secretaries to Presidents, the goal has the been the expansion and preservation of the motherland, its culture, its language and its religion.

Since the Soviet Union was dissolved, Russia sought new terms with the West, even asking to become part of NATO at one point, a request that was denied. Since the Axis Powers of WWII are no longer, and NATO continues, it is not unreasonable that the Russian people would look at NATO as a potentially unfriendly adversary, especially given that they were denied a seat at the table, so to speak.

Throughout the post-cold war period, the US had agreed through verbal promises with Russia that its border nations would not become part of NATO. Yet, our diplomats have done the opposite, adding to NATO the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland (1999); Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia (2004); Albania and Croatia (2009); Montenegro (2017); North Macedonia (2020); Finland (2023); and Sweden (2024). Four of these countries are border nations to Russia.

Biden prattled on about how the world trusts the US, yet we broke verbal agreements with a nuclear superpower. The US has become the provocateur. Russia has the right to defend its borders against the presence of hostile powers, just as we do. Imagine how the U.S. government would react if Russia consummated a new military alliance with Cuba and began construction of a hypersonic missile base near Havana. Does anyone in their right mind believe that the U.S. government would accept this? Now, US officials are dangling the NATO membership prize for Ukraine, a large and important neighbour of Russia and one where Russian has drawn a clear line in the sand.

Government officials have admitted that US biolabs were operating in Ukraine. (see article: funded?utm_source=substack&publication_id=579356&post_id=138403475&utm_med ium=email&utm_content=share&utm_campaign=email-
share&isFreemail=true&r=fdz4w) Only a fool would claim that such labs do not constitute a threat to Russia. Again, would the US tolerate Chinese biolabs operating on the US-Mexican border? Would we not view that as an existential threat to our citizen population?

In retrospective, at the start of the Ukraine war, a peace deal had been negotiated with Russia and signed by Ukraine. But then the West (specifically, Britain) convinced Ukraine to break the deal, but only after tricking Russia into moving its troops out of Kiev. One cannot fail to also mention at this juncture that the people of the Donestk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine voted to succeed from Ukraine by Democratic referendum. (Sept. 2022) The majority of the population in these areas are ethnically Russian, speak Russian and practice Eastern Orthodoxy. It is interesting that with all the talk of respecting Democracy, the democratic wishes of this population have been summarily ignored by the US installed Zelensky government. It is no secret that the
Zelensky regime has persecuted ethnically Russian populations within its borders.

Since the start of the invasion and military engagement, the Biden administration has never spoken to Putin directly or tried to negotiate terms for a peaceful settlement. In fact, the Biden regime has done the opposite, promising vast amounts of money, munitions and supplies to Ukraine, declaring that the US would do “whatever it took for however long it takes to secure a Ukrainian victory”. Such rhetoric is insanely delusional and dangerous. The Ukrainians are not equipped, nor will they ever be, regardless of how much of our taxpayer dollars are wasted to buttress their failing forces, to defeat Russia. Sadly, Ukraine has now lost a large percentage of its military-aged men. If one believes reports, up to a half a million. The ramifications of this will damage the prospects of the nation far into the future, not to mention the disastrous effects on Ukrainian families, culture and its economy. Just recently, Zelensky announced that
foreign corporations will be able to buy Ukrainian land in an effort to raise funds for his suicidal war. Will Ukraine still have any ethnic Ukrainians in 50 years? Perhaps not.

Perhaps that was the goal of this insane war from the beginning.  A recent quote from Putin reveals the lies of the Biden administration:   “Russia stands ready for negotiations. We have never refused to negotiate. But Western elites are stubbornly working to ‘punish’ Russia, isolate and weaken it, supplying the
Kiev authorities with money and arms. They have imposed almost 16,000 unilateral illegitimate sanctions against our country. They are threatening to dismember our country. They are illegally trying to appropriate our foreign assets. They are turning a blind eye to the resurgence of Nazism and to Ukraine-sponsored terrorist attacks in our territory.

We seek a comprehensive, sustainable and just settlement of this conflict through peaceful means. We are open to a dialogue on Ukraine, but such negotiations must consider the interests of all countries involved in the conflict, including ours. They must also involve a real discussion about future global stability, and provide reliable security guarantees both for Russia’s opponents and, naturally, for Russia.”

Within the last few weeks, Anthony Blinkin proudly declared the Biden administration has given approval to Ukraine forces to use American warheads, guided by American
systems, against targets within the borders of Russia. Are they looking to goad the Russians into a nuclear confrontation?

On May 12, an apartment complex in Belgorod, Russia was bombed by Ukrainian forces, killing 15 people and destroying the homes of dozens more. Russian citizens vacationing on the beach in Crimea were hit with deadly shrapnel from a US supplied bomb. At least five people, including three children, died from shrapnel wounds and hundreds were injured. A recent shooting at a music venue in Russia took many lives of innocent civilians; the Muslim perpetrators fled to Ukraine after the incident. If one adds to this the destruction of the Nordstream pipeline, the confiscation of Russian assets and the sanctions imposed against the country, a case can be made that Russia has a legitimate reason to go to war with NATO.

As sane citizens, we do not want this. Hopefully a new administration will put an end to flirting with apocalyptic destruction and get us out of NATO!
Further, Ukraine is not a democracy, contrary to the gaslighting Americans have been subjected to. In November 2013, the Ukrainian Government of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych decided not to sign a planned Association Agreement with the European Union and demonstrations ensued in the capital Kyiv. These ‘Euromaidan’ demonstrations turned violent in early 2014 and, in February that year, some European foreign ministers mediated a compromise, involving a unity government and early elections. After the collapse of a power-sharing agreement on 22 February 20, President Yanukovych fled Ukraine and a new government was installed by the Ukrainian parliament. That new government was headed by Zelensky and backed by the American deep state. The former President wisely sought neutrality with Russia, and the deep state just could not have that. Zelensky is much more the puppet that the neo-cons needed.
All-out war with Russia, would be an absolute and unnecessary disaster. It could also lead to a nuclear engagement that could result in the loss of millions of lives. It is imperative that the narrative propagated by the Democrats and the deep-state apparatus be questioned and challenged. Opening discussions with Russia is not appeasement, it is good politics.

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