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Welcome to the ‘Parent Revolution’

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As conservatives, we aren’t naturally inclined to support and endorse revolutions. These movements are bloody, undemocratic, and often result in less freedom and more tyranny. Personally speaking, I have generational trauma from the Bolshevik Revolution’s lasting impacts on my family, particularly under evil dictator Joseph Stalin, so I generally balk at the term.

But there is one revolution, so to speak, I’m happy to lend my support behind: the non-violent, impactful, burgeoning “parent revolution” taking hold here in the U.S.

School choice advocate Corey DeAngelis has a namesake new book out this week, The Parent Revolution: Rescuing Your Kids from the Radicals Ruining Our Schools, that is essential reading. It’s a nice follow-up to Mediocrity – which he co-wrote and published with Connor Boyack last April.

Education has taken a slight backseat to the economy, inflation, and immigration ahead of the 2024 election but is still a Top 5 issue. But with 11 states now embracing universal school choice and countless recent elections – including Texas legislature primaries – being decided on school choice, DeAngelis’ book is very timely. It warns about the need to hold corrupt teachers’ unions and woke educators accountable for their misdeeds. 

He first dedicates the book to Randi Weingarten– the odious president of the American Federation of Teachers–and her union cronies. The dedication reads like this, “Thank you for overplaying your hand, showing your true colors, and sparking The Parent Revolution.” But he also praises empowered parents who now comprise the “parent revolution.”

He explains how Randi and her ilk, or “the government’s stormtroopers” – awoke the sleeping giant during the COVID-19 pandemic by prolonging school closures using faulty science and waging defamatory campaigns against parents, whom they actually report to because they dared question their actions. Schools going virtual, he argues, was a hidden blessing as parents, previously oblivious to shocking classroom curriculum and questionable lectures, saw firsthand the far-left and Marxist lessons their kids were being inculcated with. Who could forget the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sending a memo to Attorney General Merrick Garland to label and target concerned parents as “domestic terrorists”? That is one of the lowest points in American politics ever observed. Thanks to widespread backlash, the NSBA was forced to apologize. This resulted in many affiliates–26–pulling out or disassociating with the organization, thanks to folks like DeAngelis who amplified the story.

With the “parent revolution” in full swing, DeAngelis praises the new special interest group to be reckoned with. He also recognizes them notably taking charge ahead of the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election. The oft-discussed blunder by former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe – who famously blurted “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach” – propelled now-Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) into office. This, the author writes, was a turning point. But it didn’t stop there.

Between 2022-2023, school choice reforms were introduced and largely passed across a bevy of states. And Dozens of school board positions have been flipped due to concerned parents getting into a fight. DeAngelis is optimistic the momentum by parents will continue–especially if there’s a second Trump administration come January 2025.

While Corey primarily targets Democrats and their hypocrisy, he doesn’t let weakened Republicans off the hook either. He details how Twitter is his outlet of choice to call out reluctant GOP elected officials, especially those cozied up with unions, for not being attuned to the party’s pro-parent agenda. This often results in him getting blocked, he quips. But on two occasions, he recalls how he convinced two stubborn Oklahoma Republicans to switch their votes in favor of school choice legislation. DeAngelis also doesn’t shy away from elevating pro-school choice candidates either now that his organization, American Federation for Children, has a political action committee (PAC).

Due to his efficacy and boldness, DeAngelis is sought after by media outlets and elected officials for bill signings, photo ops, and legislative hearings. Last night, my organization – Independent Women’s Forum – honored him with the Education Freedom Center Students Over Systems Award. Former President Donald J. Trump, coincidentally enough, endorsed Corey’s book on his Truth Social platform Wednesday evening, writing, “Corey DeAngelis is a FIGHTER for Parental Rights. His new book, The Parent Revolution, is a great guide to help Moms and Dads take back control of their children’s education from the RADICAL MARXISTS ruining our schools.”

No matter your feelings on 45, if he’s praising Corey and his invaluable work, you should take notice.

Readers will appreciate DeAngelis’ personal connection to school choice. He, too, benefitted from this program while growing up in San Antonio, Texas, and credits a magnet school for changing his life. Soon, the self-described school choice evangelist and his wife will welcome their first child, a daughter, and join the “parent revolution” in due time.

If you support school choice and parent’s rights, get a copy of The Parent Revolution today.


This article was published by The Independent Women’s Forum and is reproduced with permission.

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