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Trump Kept Cool While Biden Drooled

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutesReactions to the debate are coming in from varied sources but we think the feeling of many is summarized by the headline on the now left-leaning Drudge Report.Source: YouTube screenshot of

Financial markets and betting markets also reacted by sharply dropping the odds that Biden would either be the candidate or elected President. These folks just want to make money and are pretty dispassionate about politics.

At least in their opinion, it was a bad night for Biden.

Trump could have been better we think, more focused and less of a smart aleck. However, he did not lose his cool and he hammered Biden on his record successfully. He looked in command of his facts and his emotions and Biden looked old… really old.

One comment from former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe caught our attention. He suggested that while the age difference between the two men is three years, it looked more like 30 last night.

That is what came through loud and clear. Biden seemed feeble, his voice was weak, and he often made confusing statements. He often had a slack-jawed vacant stare.

Some are even speculating the Democrat Insiders set up Biden for this disaster. Perhaps they did, although it is hard to see what part of a week’s preparation with 16 advisers would be of a plot.

A more interesting question is why Trump agreed to a debate before the convention. Had he not, the Democrats would have been saddled with a very weak candidate with no way to replace him.  Now they can, and that opponent is likely to be more formidable than Biden. Not that the Democrat bench is deep but a Governor Shapiro of Pennsylvania would at least look sentient.

Another interesting question is why has the media been running cover for Biden with such obvious cognitive problems.

As for the Democrat Party, if it was a plot to unseat the President then they have known for some time his severe problems. Clearly, they put their selfish political ends in front of the security of the country. We could be on the verge of World War III and they are playing with the survival of the country.

It is not so much that Trump won. He was himself which is familiar if not sometimes off-putting. But Biden, he just looked incompetent.


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