Putting Politics Aside – We have a Republic to Save


THE WORLD NOW KNOWS: Team Biden, Democrats, and the Media Have Been Lying About the President’s Condition

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutesThere probably hasn’t been a debate performance as shocking and terrible as Joe Biden’s was last night. How long have they known he was this bad? If they knew, was this their plot to get rid of him? A coup? Is that why they did it in June?

What else could explain it? They all know what’s going on, and they’ve decided to hide it from the American people. Shame on them for putting this country at risk. But there have been many people saying that there was no way Biden would last as the nominee and that it was only a matter of time.

Jill Biden didn’t want to give it up and so Biden refused to step aside. They likely had no choice but to push Biden out so we could see just how bad it really is. It was still an extraordinary debate to watch.

It’s also clear that our instincts were correct about how Joe Biden had to be led off the stage by Barack Obama, even though they continued to gaslight us and call it a “cheap fake.” Now, the entire world knows what liars they are.

Now that they’ve launched their coup, Kamala Harris seems to be the only thing standing in their way. If they push her out, will they lose the support of women and Black voters? Will they have to offer her a Supreme Court seat to step aside? Will she want to give up her shot at the presidency?

I imagine she’ll find an excuse like Joe Biden did in 2016 when Hillary Clinton decided to run for Obama’s third term. He said the death of his son Beau left him too bereft to run. But that never really washed. He was the guy who was sworn in right after his wife and daughter died in a car crash.

More likely, Obama wanted to follow his presidency and make history with a woman. After all that, it is no wonder Biden can’t walk away. Now, as we can see, it’s not his choice anymore.

The debate was an easy win for Trump. Everyone watching now knows what we’ve known for a long time: there is no comparison between them, though the press will pretend both are too old and in cognitive decline. No. Trump looked like a leader, Biden did not.


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