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The West Mourns Jihadis, Not Jews or Christians

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Woke Westerners—and even some conservatives—are weeping and wailing over the “Palestinian” jihadis and terrorist-loving “civilians” killed in Gaza. But where is the mass outcry over the attempted genocides of Jews and Christians around the world?

On Oct. 7, more Jews were killed in a single day than at any time since the Holocaust. Christians are viciously persecuted in many countries, with outright genocide in Nigeria. Yet only Jew-hating Gazan Muslim jihadis have triggered an international movement of support, based largely on lies about Israel and the so-called “Palestinians”.

As I have repeatedly highlighted, Nigeria is the most deadly nation for Christians. Israeli Hananya Naftali tweeted on Dec. 28, “NIGERIA: More than 52,000 Christians were massacred by radical Islamist groups over the last 14 years. Where is the international community?” Where indeed?Countries with persecution of or violence against Christians include North Korea, India, Lebanon, Iran, China, Armenia, Sudan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Algeria, Indonesia, Congo, and Azerbaijan.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians face discrimination, hatred, abuse, torture, imprisonment, and even death every day globally. Anti-Semitic hate crimes are going up around the world, and Jews are the number one religious group targeted for hate crimes in America. Yet Westerners, even many Jews, and Christians, are so gullible or political or prejudiced that they only pay attention to the terrorist propaganda about Gaza, where the majority support jihad against Israel and even children are trained as terrorists, while totally and willfully ignorant of the persecution of Christians and Jews. Why? Why do Nigerian, Iranian Chinese, and Israeli lives not matter?

You will notice that many of the countries that are the most dangerous for Christians are also majority Muslim (just as the Muslims are trying to wipe out Israelis). But there are far more Westerners who care about Islamophobia than who care about persecution of Christians. It’s shameful.The West needs to wake up to the reality of attempted genocide against Jews and Christians, instead of simply spreading lies about “Palestinians.”


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