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The Perfidious Nature of Lawfare – Democrats “Saving Democracy”

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On April 17th, we attended the symposium put on by Dave Wanetick and “Davos In The Desert” in Ahwatukee.  It was mostly a somber evening with a few flickers of hope.

The subject was “lawfare”, a relatively new term to connote the use and abuse of the legal system to damage a political opponent or a political movement.  This may include lawsuits, prosecution, and the abuse of regulatory power to distract, bankrupt, and exhaust a political opponent.  Almost always this attack is coordinated with the dominant left-wing media to amplify the effect of the effort.

It has been around in various forms before, but not to the extent we see today.  However, the use of the IRS to harass political opponents and the Watergate Case, are early examples of the use of lawfare.  More recently we have seen it used against Supreme Court nominees, against a sitting President, and now a former President.Especially when conducted by government prosecutors, political victims face the onerous task of defending themselves against the immense resources of government.  In short, lawfare is often conducted with money confiscated from the very political opponents being subjected to the attack, one the greatest feats of political ju-jitsu ever designed.

The intent is to use the legal system to arrange a political outcome that one might not be able to obtain in “fair” political competition or to severely damage the opposition with the intent to render them ineffective.

The two speakers have been personally subject to lawfare and were therefore close observers of the process.Rachel Alexander is a lawyer specializing in election law and is the Editor of the Intellectual Conservative and a columnist for The Arizona Sun-Times.

John Eastman was Dean of the Dale E. Fowler School of Law at Chapman University, Director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, and has served as a lawyer for President Donald Trump.  He also used to debate at least weekly, Irwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the UC Berkeley Law School on the Huge Hewitt radio show. As a lawyer for President Trump, he has run into great controversy because of advice given to challenge the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.  For that effort, he is facing both criminal prosecution and professional disbarment.

If you would like to assist Dr. Eastman with his legal expenses, click here.

It was pretty clear from the presentations that Democrats are willing to not only engage in election interference but will attack and destroy any attempt by Republican lawyers to represent their clients. The goal is to make any Republican lawyer professionally “radioactive” and by intimidation, send a clear signal not to oppose them.

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