Putting Politics Aside – We have a Republic to Save


The Lone Raccoon wrote a Christmas poem yesterday . . . MAGA Christmas everyone! 🎄

with deepest apologies to Clement Clark Moore

‘Tis the Night before Christmas, and down to a man,
Brave Patriots are moving to take back our land.
MAGA stockings are hung by the chimneys with prayers
that victory is coming and will lighten our cares.

While children are nestled all snug in their beds
and visions of liberty dance in their heads,
There are memers and warriors waging the battle
to bring Truth to the sleepers, the sheeple and cattle.

As I stood by the window, pondering our plight,
contemplating the game board and observing the fight,
Though our world appears evil, the dark forces winning,
many triumphs are happening, their ranks we are thinning.

Then what to my wondering eyes did appear,
but our REAL President, and that filled me with cheer.
In the glow of the moonlight, his hair shone like gold,
his stance straight and tall, his gaze steely and bold.

“Buckle up and fear not, dear Patriot”, he said.
“we’re fighting, we’re winning, our successes widespread.
There are millions of warriors igniting their flames,
citizen journalists, anons, and he called them by name:

“On Badlands, on War Room, on Viva and X,
On Tucker, Bongino, MJ Truth and the rest.”
From the south to the north and west coast to D.C.,
it’s a call to the ramparts as we fight tyranny.

For the bright lights of freedom and sovereignty call –
we must stand up and step up and speak up for all.
Then I heard him proclaim as he strode out of sight,
“MAGA Christmas to all, and to all, a Good Night.”

copyright clairecat367 – December 2023

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