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The Bigger Meaning of Schumer’s Speech in a Nutshell

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Senator Schumer’s speech during which he called for “regime change” in the government of a democratic ally on the floor of the Senate was unprecedented in American history. Let that sink in.

It reflects a new level of anti-democratic big power arrogance designed to achieve for Hamas and the Jihadists the victory they cannot achieve on the ground. He dares to do this because he thinks he can get away with it. Biden approved the speech the following day.

Behind him rests the entire U.S. apparatus of influence and subversion that has been mobilized against and inside Israel as well. Threats of cutting off aid, activating sympathetic contacts in the retired IDF ranks, government and the media and even seeking to mobilize mass demonstrations against the standing government of Netanyahu.Schumer knows that new elections in the middle of a war would bog Israel down for six months and guarantee their defeat. He omits the overwhelming support Israelis have for eliminating Hamas on the one hand and for not creating a sovereign Palestinian state led by the corrupt and semi-Jihadist Palestinian Authority on the other.

He denies Bibi’s increasing popularity and solid popular support for finishing the job against Hamas. Schumer’s speech was based upon a tissue of lies and calumnies against the Israeli polity using Bibi as a cipher.

Schumer, “our” leader is the one who threatened that our own Supreme Court would “reap the whirlwind” for its Constitutionally inclined decisions. Properly understood, this  actually reflects the growing desperation of our governing elites in the face of populist nationalism in America, in Israel, and indeed, around the world.Schumer’s speech reflects that desperation.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Behind it all is the pro-Iran policy initiated by Obama beginning in 2008 after his election. The recent release of ten billion in funds to Iran at this time cannot be understood in any other way. They may now continue to freely finance their proxy wars.

U.S timidity in the face of Iran’s direct attacks on us through its proxies especially by the Iraqi Shias and  the Houthis, with Hamas, Hezbollah and elements of the security forces of the PA taking on Israel, is not primarily fear of a regional war. It is a reflection of a Mullah/Democratic Party alliance to establish a new middle east while avoiding a regional war.

Iran is the world’s third largest potential supplier of oil and the fourth largest of gas. The deal from the beginning was this: certain connected companies get access to your resources and eventually you get to have nuclear weapons.

The biggest problem with this scenario is that the Jihadis have their own agenda as do other forces in the region. Shia Islam seeks to triumph over Sunni Islam by obliterating Israel as proof they are the true Islam. Acquiring the bomb assures their hegemony over the region as a springboard for their larger agendas.

So, Iran takes what we give them and attacks us anyway. Hamas, pretends to negotiate to “save themselves” as the U.S. argues it must, but keeps making ludicrous demands that Israel has no choice but to turn down. Watch negotiations in Qatar for  the outcome.

Desperate, Schumer finds himself as a shill for Iran and the Jihadis by seeking to overthrow the only force in Israel capable of insuring that nation’s survival.

All this is going on as our own elections heat up with Biden trailing in key swing states. A Trump victory is seen as a fatal blow to this whole mid-east project. Internationally, Trump would resume creating a functional Arab/Israeli rapprochement bringing peace to the region.

And, much worse for the ruling elite, a MAGA victory would break up the governmental, military censorship apparatus that is key to manipulating the public. There would be hell to pay and our “overseers” know it.

The violation of democratic norms through lawfare, etc., has been so egregious that they have become so fearful of a Trump victory that for them this is an existential crisis.

What do you do when you believe you are facing an existential crisis? You pull out all the stops and resolve to prevail no matter what. Of course, you hope you won’t have to but you get nervous if too many signs suggest your loss starts to seem likely.

We seem to be moving towards such an inflection point  All the signs are there. Strap yourselves in.

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