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Taking a “Second Bite” So, it Goes!

Originally posted April 9, 2024, at:  (modified for current relevance, 5/18/2024)

Several months ago, our Vetting Committee of the Yavapai County AZRA Chapter, sent out a survey questionnaire and asked all candidates to respond in accordance with the specific questionnaire they were sent, relative to the position they were campaigning for. Some candidates responded and others chose not to.

Recently I received a questionnaire response, albeit significantly late. In an effort to provide equal parity to all those candidates who chose not to previously return a completed survey, I felt it only fair, and sent out another request, to all candidates. A second chance at a “Second bite of the apple”. I had requested a 20-day response time from March 26.

Some may remember that I personally was challenged regarding the relevance of some of the questions on the survey. Individuals were upset and asked why there were questions on the survey that were not under the direct legislative capability of the elected positions candidates may be running for? For context and for accuracy some of the questions were not in the scope of authority of candidates for the elected positions they are seeking; My response is: It does not matter what elected position they are seeking, the voters have the right to know and understand how our elected officials and candidates think!

One such question from the survey was on the issue of our border security. I was condemned by one candidate’s” faithful”, why this question was on the survey, and it is not in the prevue of the legislator’s authority. Here was my response:   

“Many times, candidates hold higher aspirations than the position they are campaigning for.  Based on the suggestion of keeping questions only to their authority level, they are campaigning for: Then it would seem inappropriate to know how a candidate thinks about what is happening in the Middle East right now? Why bother to ask them, as they have no legislative authority.

As a person of the Jewish faith, I want to know where a candidate stands. As an Arizona voter, I want to know who stands for a secure border, will stand up against masked mandates and lockdowns etc.  I wonder what the Senate and House count in Phoenix might look like once we really learn the true core values of candidates”.


Well, it appeared some candidates and elected officials truly understood the purpose of the questionnaire and even more importantly they were reminded as to the relevance of these questions: See Ms. Mary Mallory’s email to me. (Candidate/Incumbent Yavapai BOS Dist. 5).

Email to me from: Mary Mallory BOS Dist 5.   4/3/2024

“Good afternoon, David,

I wanted to reach out to you regarding some of the other survey questions that were sent out originally in November of 2023. Below are the questions from the Yavapai Chapter of the Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA), and as I continue with day-to-day work, I am reminded how much the questions that were sent to us have relevance to my position. I know you were at our board meeting today and on the consent agenda were two things the Board of Supervisors approved that were pertinent to your questions.

I share these additional for your information”.


Supervisor Mary Mallory

District 5

The specific survey questions she referenced:

  1. If elected to the Board of Supervisors, how do you plan to enforce our immigration laws if the DOJ (or State AG) does not, what steps do you propose? For example: DACA was ruled illegal recently. How do we eliminate the DACA practice? What will you do?
  2. How will you best use your power as a County Board member to correct or reverse course from the mistakes or blatant disregard of the Federal Government or our state government for failing to follow the laws of our US Constitution and state constitution especially matters of illegal immigration,

child trafficking and drug trafficking by the various cartels?

A second email I received came from Senator Wendy Rogers from a posting she did on X. (dated 3/29/2024. (I think I am supposed to say formerly known as Twitter).  She was not part of our survey as she is not in Yavapai County. Yet her position is clear, we the voters are entitled to know where our candidates stand.

Checkout the link to see her quote.

Here are the most recent responses received from those candidates who chose to take a “Second bit of the apple”, as of this posting back on April 9, 2024.

Steve Zipperman: Candidate for LD 1 Senate.

Mark Finchem: Candidate for LD 1 Senate.

Ms. Lori Drake; Candidate for Yavapai County BOS, Dist. 3.

Mr. Chris Kuknyo: Candidate for Yavapai County BOS Dist. 4.

To be clear, many other candidates did respond to our questionnaire, some have sat for our video interviews. You can go to: and read all our postings, see all the various questionnaires, sent to the respective candidates for the positions they are seeking.  See also all responses we have received and video interviews thus far.

Our Mission statement, for the Yavapai County Chapter of AZRA, is about holding our candidates and elected officials accountable to “We the People”.

It states in part: “Work toward ensuring only true conservative candidates will be elected to office and that they will always put God, “We the People,” and The US Constitution ahead of any personal or political desire”. 

Please help us continue to grow and bring greater enlightenment for you the voters to make better informed decisions.

Go to: Complete the application and simple questionnaire: Today!

Membership is limited to registered Republicans and registered Independents’ only.

The information contained herein is in no way to be considered an endorsement, a show of support or a condemnation of any candidate or elected officials, by myself or that of our Yavapai County Chapter of AZRA. This is information only and you, the voter, will decide who has earned your trust.   

David Segall aka Cowboy Dave

President: Yavapai County Chapter of AZRA

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