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Should Election Interference be Considered Domestic Terrorism?

By Robert Canterbury

As someone who worked in the counter terrorism industry for several years, I bring up the very serious question in the title. Before I dive into the information, let me share my experience within the topic. I spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy with 11 of those years in special forces units, including several years as the Anti-Terrorism Officer of a Navy SEAL Team, former hostage survival instructor, and military police. After I retired in February 2017, I moved to Washington DC where I served as the head of security for the UAE embassy, former bodyguard to several current and former foreign ambassadors to the U.S., federal politicians, and top executives of the NRA. I also served as the head of security for President Trump’s 2020 national campaign headquarters in Arlington, VA. I held the qualification of Level 2 Anti-Terrorism Officer from 2 federal agencies, earned the title of Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist from a world renowned organization and have attended dozens of professional education courses including the citizens academies of the Washington DC Metro and Glendale, Arizona police departments and the FBI Citizens Academy here in Phoenix. While I will not lie to you and say that I know all there is about terrorism and how to stop it, I do know enough to have an educated voice on it.

I remember back in 2009 while I was attending one of my professional courses, our instructor asked the class to come up with our own definition of terrorism. The class settled with, “something that happens in an area that negatively impacts the general population.” Back in 2009, CT experts were still working on the attacks of 9/11, the USS Cole bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing and Tokyo subway sarin gas attack (both in 1995), and the first World Trade Center attack in February 1993, which was what got me interested in the industry as a 14 year old.

I know that a lot of Republicans and Conservatives are no fans of the FBI, but let’s take a look at their official definition of terrorism. “The unlawful use or threatened use of violence committed against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of POLITICAL or social objectives.” If you take that definition and see how the word POLITICAL fits into it, you may start to understand why I asked the question in the title.

Why would a political party, and party, need to “intimidate or coerce” the civilian population to get their agenda approved by the American people? Let’s talk about the Democratic Party and look at what they want to accomplish before 2050. 15-minute cities, open borders, no police cities, removal of all beef sources, prohibit the use of fossil fuels with the exception of Lithium for electric cars, etc. They know that there aren’t enough Americans that believe in their delusional future for America so what do they do? They threaten jail time for anyone who stands in their way. They have school teachers and school districts force the lies that men can get pregnant and have babies, say it’s alright for boys to play and injure girls in sports, boys share bathrooms and locker rooms in our schools and gyms, and somehow it’s possible that a 12 year old can identify as a cat. To go further, how many meat processing facilities have been attacked in recent years? How many train derailments have happened carrying toxic materials? Land that is deemed inhabitable can be bought for pennies on the dollar is another Democrat ploy. All of the above are examples of how the left plan to get what they want before 2050.

Let’s not pretend that election interference and fraud is a new thing. Hundreds of cases of this has happened all around the world in the past 100 years, including America, going back as far as 1792 in the New York Governor’s race. According to, there have been many cases of voter fraud here in Arizona since 2009, and in important states like Georgia, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Until state legislatures and judges get serious about election fraud, this will continue to happen.

In today’s election systems, where a 27 day, everyone can vote from their couch and in their underwear, this system is ripe and wide open to all kinds of fraud and interference. We had the Republican leaders of the 4th largest county in America give a fat middle finger to the AZ state senate in 2021 by telling them they weren’t going to comply with their subpoena. We have a company like Runbeck, who prints ballots for many states elections, including Arizona to go F themselves because they didn’t have anything to say to the AZ state lawmakers. All of this tells us one thing. In order to have free and far elections, we must kick Dominion and Runbeck out of Arizona and adopt a one day, one vote, on paper, hand counted at the precinct levels.

For those who don’t think a hand count at the precinct level is possible, look more closely at further than the success at the Maricopa County Republican Committee meeting this past Saturday. Approximately 2,000 ballots were hand counted and results were released in less than 90 minutes on 3 separate occasions. Why is the number 2,000 important? Maricopa County has 935 precincts. If you take the estimated 2.5 million voters and divide that by 935, you get an average of 2,673 voters per precinct. In the 2020 elections, a little more than 1.562 million Maricopa County voters voted, which would be around 1,671 voters per precinct. I know some precincts have a lot more voters than the average, but a lot also have less voters.

If you already support a one day, one vote system, please stop wasting your time and looking to the AZ state legislators to make it happen. Even if they did have the numbers to pass it, the Governor would veto it the second it hit her desk, and there is no guarantee that Republicans hold both branches after November, or even August. The only way that Arizona will get a one day, one vote system is to either get it on the 2026 ballot as a measure or start electing the candidates for county board of supervisors seats that campaign on it. Those are the only 2 options in getting it. That is also one of the main reasons that I am running for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in district 4 against Clint Hickman.

This article isn’t meant as another candidate or politician shoving election integrity down your throat. Your personal opinion about election integrity is as important as if you want to wear a mask, wear one and if you want to get the jab, get the jab. It’s your right to believe what you want to believe. This is just another way to look at our futures depending on free and honest elections.

Ask yourself, why would any political party want or need to interfere in our elections on any level and let that be your deciding factor. Nothing else.

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