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SCOTTSDALE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Next regular meeting Tuesday, September 12

Agendas available at least 24 hours prior to meeting here | Regular meetings are at Coronado High School | 7501 E Virginia Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85257.


Board meetings typically held monthly at 6:00PM on the second Tuesday unless noted.

Board homepage here.

Superintendent’s bio and contact information is here.

Monthly updates from the Governing Board President are available here.

School board members and contact information is here.

Sign up for Scottsdale Unites for Educational Integrity newsletters here.

School District Committees: here.

Future meetings here: October 3 | November 14 | December 12 | January 9 | February 13 | March 5 | April 9 | May 14 | June 11 [NOTE: June 25, 2024, at 5:00 PM a special meeting to approve the budget for the upcoming year will be held.]


The latest Arizona Auditor General district spending report is here.

Districtwide the % of all students scoring proficient/highly proficient in ELA and math: 61% and 56%.

The 2022 per-pupil expenditure is: $13,037. For detailed district student achievement results see here.


General Election – November 5, 2024: incumbents up for re-election

Julie Cieniawski (D)

Libby Hart-Wells (D)

Zach Lindsay (R)


Declared candidates: None.


Daily Ind. 8.31.23                 Some on SUSD board feel they’re being silenced by other members

Daily Ind, 8.30.23                 Dueling SUSD investigations requested by board members never conducted

Scottdale Unites 8.29.23    Aug. 29 Board Meeting Recap-silencing board members; key (that is, unmeasurable) performance indicators; and more.

Scottdale Unites 8.28.23     Review Controversial Clubs Available to Students

AZ Central 8.25.23              Arrest made in Scottsdale USD student fights caught on ‘disturbing’ videos

Scottsdale Unites for Educational Integrity 8.24.23

  • Board meeting recap from 8.22.23
  • Review SUSD K-5 English language arts curriculum materials from Aug 21 – Nov. 14 o school days from 9AM-3PM at Laguna Elem. School | 10475 E. Lakeview Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
  • Parent curriculum discoveries

Scottsdale Unites for Educational Integrity 8.19.23

  • SUSD Blocks BrainPOP Lessons that Violate AZ Law Following Parent Complaints
  • SUSD Removes Book About Gender Identity from Elementary Library
  • SUSD Rolls Out Controversial RFID Tracking in Student Badges
  • Review SUSD Student Clubs

Scottsdale Progress 8.14.23 Intense allegations at SUSD meeting

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