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SCOTTSDALE CITY COUNCIL Next meeting Tuesday, September 5

Agendas available at least 24 hours prior to meeting here | City Hall Kiva, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Typically meets twice monthly on Tuesdays at 5:00PM

Agendas, public comment policies, watching online, and other meeting information, available here and here.

Council email updates here (bottom of page).

Council agenda notifications here.

Find your council member(s) here. (If available, sign up for council members’ email updates and follow them on Twitter/X.)

Future meetings: September 19 | October 10 & 24 | November 13 & 20 | December 4 & 5

Paiute Neighborhood Center: Upcoming Projects Community Outreach

The City of Scottsdale is in the early planning stages for two different projects at Paiute Neighborhood Center. The first project has a budget of $11.2 million and will replace aging structures that comprise office space where staff serves the community with a new 22,700 square foot building.  This project was approved and funded as part of the 2019 Bond Election. The second project would add 28 affordable housing units to the Paiute Campus. This project currently has no stated budget and would be funded by Maricopa County and City of Scottsdale. Two public information sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, September 6. Both sessions will cover the same information:

9:00AM at the Paiute Neighborhood Center, Building 9, 6535 E Osborn Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

5:30PM at the Civic Center Library Auditorium, 3839 N Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

To learn more or to submit a public comment, see here.

Scottsdale Speaks current questionnaires (sign up here):

Diversity and Inclusion, complete by September 15


Scottsdale City Council Citizen Advisory Boards and Commissions. The Scottsdale City Council needs strong advocates for Republican principles, and 11 Boards/Commissions have openings:

  • Airport Advisory Commission, 2
  • Building Advisory Board of Appeals, 1
  • Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee, 3
  • Human Relations Commission, 1
  • Library Board, 1
  • Loss Trust Fund Board, 1
  • Neighborhood Advisory Commission, 2
  • Paths and Trails Subcommittee, 1
  • Planning Commission, 3
  • Transportation Commission, 1

The online application is simple, and the current list of applicants is here. Future Board/Commission applications deadlines in December 2023, see here. More information here, and additional volunteer opportunities here.

Upcoming Elections:

Primary – August 6, 2024

Mayor David Ortega (I) and councilmembers:

Tammy Caputi (D)

Tom Durham (R)

Betty Janik (I)

Declared candidates, visit here and here.


Scottsdale Progress 8.30.23          Scottsdale to trade more water for credits

AZ Cap. Times 8.30.23                   Scottsdale will no longer house people from ‘The Zone’ with hotel housing program

Scottsdale Edge 8.28.23                Residents speech stifled by city staff/Mayor. Is Speak Up Scottsdale a political placebo?

Daily Indep. 8.28.23                        Experts: Scottsdale City Council slowing growth

Daily Indep. 8.25.23                        Strings to state money for housing homeless people at Scottsdale hotel cut

Scottsdale Indep. 8.24.23               The George Hotel in Scottsdale to get new life

City of Scottsdale 8.24.23              Scottsdale is leading efforts to reclaim neighborhoods from short-term rentals

City of Scottsdale 8.22.23              Scottsdale City Council approves water exchange partnership with Tucson

Scottsdale Edge 8.21.23                Developer Shocks Residents by Adding More Apartments

Scottsdale Edge 8.21.23                City Staff Surprises Councilmembers by Changing Site’s Fire Station

Councilmember Graham 8.20.23  Honor Voter-Approved 2019 Bond Election Old Town Parking Garage Location

Scottsdale Progress 8.20.23          Through the woof: A $6 million dog park

AZ Central 7.12.23                          Scottsdale City Council approves ordinance prohibiting grass front yards in new homes


LD8 PC and Councilmember Barry Graham’s Put Residents First Newsletter, subscribe here.

Updates about urbanization and road diets, sign up for Protect Scottsdale email here.

Scottsdale Edge City Council news updates sign-up here.

City Council’s Speak Up Scottsdale-online community for residents can discuss city issues. Sign up here.

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