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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Endorses Democrats’ Unpopular Abortion Until Birth Agenda

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Editors’ Note:  RFK, Jr. has said some interesting things. His views seem to integrate with Conservatives on issues of free speech, the collusion of government and media to influence election outcomes, the Administrative State, and the abuses of the medical establishment. Because of this, some “conservatives” who are not in love with Trump, have seen him as a possible alternative.  But when it comes to environmental policy, abortion, and the overall size and role of government, he is very much a Democrat.  His choice of Vice Presidential running mate has also raised eyebrows. We admire his courage and appreciate his views on many topics. However, Trump with all his faults, remains the best chance to advance the conservative agenda on a broad front. He also has a mostly united party behind him. The latter will be required to have a successful second term. Thus, he has by far the higher odds of being elected. It will likely be another close race with election skullduggery on full display. Conservatives must marshal their resources, unite disparate factions within the Republican Party, and not waste their votes. We prefer a less extreme position that at least recognizes the separate humanity of a baby and its ability to feel pain. Public polling strongly agrees.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made headlines for his ability to entice Republican voters fed up with establishment politicians, but his endorsement of Democrats’ unlimited abortion agenda proves his loyalty lies with the left.

In a no-shoes sitdown with former ESPN SportsCenter Host Sage Steele, Kennedy said he believes a woman should be allowed to kill her baby through all nine months of gestation.

“Should there be a limit? Are you saying all the way up through full term a woman has a right to have an abortion?” Steele asked.

“Yeah,” Kennedy replied.

Kennedy said he doesn’t believe any woman gets pregnant with the intention of obtaining a late-term abortion, but as Steele noted, that scenario has happened “too many times to count.”

The Democrat, undeterred by Steele’s pushback, doubled down and framed unlimited, on-demand abortion as a personal issue instead of the moral issue most voters see it as.

“Ultimately, I don’t trust government to have jurisdiction over people’s bodies,” Kennedy said. “I think we need to leave it to the woman, her pastor, and to, you know, her spiritual advisors or advisor or physician, whatever, to make those decisions.”

Only 7 percent of U.S. adults believe abortion is “morally acceptable in all cases.” In fact, most Americans support limiting the barbaric practice to the first trimester. Yet Kennedy expressed support for the legalized butchering of full-term babies as long as it’s desired by the woman carrying the child.

“In my belief, we should leave it to the woman. We shouldn’t have government involved,” Kennedy said.

“Even if it’s full term?” Steele questioned.

“Even if it’s full term,” Kennedy confirmed.

The candidate acknowledged that every abortion is a “tragedy” and “many of them leave permanent trauma.” He even went so far as to suggest that the state has “a[n] interest in protecting a fully formed fetus,” but repeatedly claimed women should get the final say over whether a child lives or dies.

“I absolutely think that that argument is very convincing. And again, I come down to the fact that I don’t trust the state, and I think we need to trust the woman,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s position is not foreign to the Democratic Party, which has made abortion through all nine months of pregnancy a hallmark of its campaigns and legislative schemes. Even if they refuse to directly state how they feel about late-term abortions, Democrats often vote for bills that permit women to abort at any time “regardless of their circumstances and without interference and discrimination.”

Babies who are born alive and breathing also risk execution by abortionists outside of the womb because Democrats refuse to support protections for unborn and newborn children consistent with their right to life.


This article was published by The Federalist and is reproduced with permission.

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