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PVUSD Bond Sign Thief Suspect Confirmed as Jay Carter Husband of Former AZ Senate Member Heather Carter

I previously wrote about Paradise Valley Sign thiefs caught on camera stealing No on PVUSD Bond. This is a class 2 misdemeanor punishable by $750 per offense and 4 months in jail. One of the suspects has been confirmed as Jay Carter, husband of former AZ Senate Member Heather Carter, a liberal who masquerades as a Republican while helping the Democrats and is allegedly tied to a PAC or group supporting school Bonds. Per video evidence, Jay Carter and Heather Carter must be charged and investigated for class 2 misdemeanors immediately, and if found guilty, fined $750 per violation, and thrown in jail for 4 months! In 2013 Heather Carter was essentially censured with a “Vote of No Confidence” by her own Legislative District 15. Voted 54 – 5 to issue a vote of “No Confidence” in their state Rep. Heather Carter. The Motion read: We issue a vote of no confidence on Representative Heather Carter, because of her support of HB 2010 “The Medicaid Expansion.” She did this in direct opposition to the overwhelming majority of LD 15 Precinct Committeemen. Heather Carter did not immediately answer a call, and refused to answer any questions by text.This news comes among a stunning swirl of media about the Paradise Valley Unified School District in Arizona including allegations of a Superintendent and Principal coverup of alleged confession to sexual abuse of students by High School Teacher Keiko Yoshimine. The school allegedly leaked to Yoshimine that there was an active police investigation and imminent arrest and Yoshimine was soon after dead by alleged suicide. Is the School District covering this up in a coordinated attempt to protect the $340 Million dollars from the current PVUSD School Bond Election? Are the Carters connected to the district or Bond PAC in a coordinated effort to illegally remove opposition signs? School Bonds have been proven to often be contractor and bribery scams and that appears to be the case in Paradise Valley School District. A full investigation is needed into these related criminal activities in PVUSD along with the Bond Election and any bribery on contract pay-2-play schemes.

In 2022 a woman was cited by police for stealing signs in the Cave Creek Unified School District opposing a school override. This article mentioned hundreds of signs were being stolen.

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