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NY POST: Hunter Biden Laptop Liars Sold Out Their Country WHILE Working for the CIA

Estimated Reading Time: < 1 minuteLooks like some of the biggest-name Spies Who Lie were active CIA contractors when they pulled their dirty trick of issuing a letter falsely alleging Hunter Biden’s 100% real laptop was a Russian info op.

Just in case you thought the scandal couldn’t get any worse…

The names include former CIA chief Mike Morell, who set the whole thing up, prostituting his credibility in hopes of snagging a plum Biden admin gig, and ex-agency Inspector General David Buckley.

We only know this thanks to the tireless efforts of Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Mike Turner (R-Ohio) who chair the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees: They brought to light records suggesting that Morell, Buckley and at least two other signers were contractors when they sought to swing the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

We also know, thanks to Jordan and Turner, that the letter itself made major waves inside the CIA, with one official saying “This frustrates me. I don’t think it is helpful to the Agency in the long run.”

Damn right. It’s one of the biggest — if not the biggest — black eyes in the agency’s history.

A cadre of 51 connected, sleazy insiders conspiring to aid their favored candidate by running an actual disinfo op against the public they’d sworn to inform honestly.

That it was naked partisan politics could not be more apparent.

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