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On Thursday, May 30, 2024, Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts. The prosecution was brought by a NYC Manhattan District Attorney who was financed and campaigned for political power primarily for the purpose of prosecuting a political opponent. This makes Trump’s case a textbook definition of a politically motivated trial and abuse of government power. The third highest ranking lawyer at the Biden Department of Justice left his federal Washington, DC position and was hired on to Alvin Bragg’s prosecution team. That added another level of political taint to an already disgraceful process. The Manhattan jury pool was heavily corrupted and biased and included at least one woman who released a celebratory video when Donald Trump “lost” the 2020 presidential election.

Judge Merchan, whose daughter has been fundraising by pitching her father as Trump’s convictor, allowed the woman to remain on the jury, insisting against all available evidence that she could be impartial. In a further and more flamboyant constitutional violation, the prosecution refused to enumerate all of the crimes which they were bringing against defendant Donald J. Trump, the previous U.S. President and current GOP nominee for the 2024 Presidential election, nor did Judge Merchan make any attempt to hold the prosecution to this basic constitutional standard.

On a very fundamental level, May 30, 2024 is one of the most tragic and destructive days in American history. The current administration and its political party committed themselves absolutely to political authoritarianism, Putinism, and anti-democratic lawfare strategies.

After attempting, unsuccessfully, to kill democracy in its crib by removing their primary political opponent from the ballot in two different states, after sending federal law enforcement to raid that same political opponent’s private residence and use “deadly force” if encountering resistance, the Democrat party joined the ranks of the worst dictators and regimes in history, both contemporary and historical, by weaponizing the  American justice system.

By staging a show trial and seeking to imprison their political opponent, the Democrat Party and its leaders have bypassed democracy altogether. In so doing, they have wrecked the greatest legal inheritance in human history and confirmed to the world that America is no longer a free country, governed by longstanding judicial norms and the rule of law. The country of laws which our Founding Fathers established has been laid violently in the dust and we have become a country controlled by the very worst sort of power hungry people.

The Democrat party, over and over, has re-established their commitment to corrupt institutions: the media, academia, kangaroo courts, Hollywood, and the administrative state. The one institution which they have repeatedly attacked, distrusted, smeared, and thwarted is the institution of Democracy—the people voting for and granting consent to who shall rule them, who shall wield their power on their behalf. Democracy is not exercised in carefully selected and overtly biased courtrooms. It is exercised in the court of Public Opinion. It is in this court of liberty loving Americans that Donald Trump has not been convicted, has never been convicted, and will not be convicted.

On November 5th, Donald Trump will be cleared of all charges, and the warmongers and political profiteers will be arraigned and indicted before the grandest of all grand juries: We The People.

In the NYC bastion of hateful leftism, Donald Trump was politically martyred not in the sense of politically murdered but in the sense of sacrificing himself and his freedom, at least temporarily, to affirm a cause greater than himself: the American people and their right to self-determine as a free and sovereign collective. May 30th was Donald Trump’s greatest day because he has become, through this process, a great man—a man who has shown an unwavering commitment to ideals more important and more lasting than any individual can be. He has now joined the ranks of the greatest Populist figures of the 20th century, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Nelson Mandela, both of whom were jailed for political dissent and Populist loyalties.

More importantly, by ending the American Experiment through the adoption of anti-American authoritarianism, the Democrat Party has given Donald Trump the opportunity to become a third generation Founding Father: a man who, when elected on Nov. 5, will not only represent the defiant triumph of a free people but who will re-establish America as a democratic country, one whose head of state is legitimately elected, and whose commitment is to the rule of law and the flourishing of the whole nation.

We encourage all our readers, if they are able, to contribute to Donald Trump’s campaign as a personal commitment to the cause of democracy. We encourage responsible and America First individuals to volunteer for our upcoming election in whatever capacity they are capable of since it will be imperative to flood the system with honest individuals who can, if necessary, help prevent the theft of another election. Above all, we encourage our readers to remain optimistic: Donald Trump is quickly becoming a historic figure, a movement, and an unprecedented political phenomenon. His support is astronomical. Our only duty now is to make him TOO BIG TO RIG, by inundating him with electoral and financial endorsement. Proudly support him, proudly wear his slogans and his image on your clothes, your car, your social media sites, proudly defend his cause, just as he has proudly defended ours. Remember: God Tests Those He Loves – we are being severely tested and we shall succeed in this battle against the worst of human behaviors – the relentless, corrupt and evil quest for power for power’s sake.

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