Putting Politics Aside – We have a Republic to Save


Letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

October 20, 2023

by Jim O’Connor, Statewide Office Holder


Thirty years ago, I served as an advisor to the California Senate Select Committee investigating Orange County, CA bankruptcy. My most significant take-away was the influence that a single outside attorney’s advice had on that county’s elected Board of Supervisors. He sold them on the urgent need to “protect the County” by filing for bankruptcy.

The enormous cost of that infamous decision is now in the history books. County vendors, employees, teachers, and many other County government districts who had their surplus cash invested in the County Investment Pool suffered loss of availability of their monies to pay daily operating expenses, forced to engage outside legal counsel of their own, and resulted in a lack of trust in their local government to act with integrity.

Many of you may recall the appeal I made to you just one year ago, in my letter sharing the investigation I conducted regarding the vulnerability of voting machines and tabulators in our Arizona elections. I included a video of a workshop I held on October 1, 2022 which included expert witness testimony from eleven national experts on cybersecurity. They unanimously agreed that the above cited machines and tabulators were more vulnerable to hacking than the average home computer.

A small number of you stood bravely in attempts to investigate options on your own to assure all your county voters the sanctity of their votes. This stand was taken in the face of media name-calling, bullying from others with a self-interest to protect, and various state-elected officials weaponizing government to attack you individually. The courage you exhibited rivaled that of Daniel in the Lion’s Den and David versus Goliath.

During this past year we have had more facts uncovered nationally regarding maladministration of elections throughout the Country. We have also seen that our County, State & Federal Courts are unwilling to adjudicate fairly given their hesitancy to address the legal doctrine “The Election/Political Question”.

This has left voters in our State and our fifteen counties with a significant diminution of trust in their governments. I believe our system of government works because voters trusted the election process; thereby submitting to the outcome without regard to who won the contest. I further believe that trust has been violated resulting in large numbers of voters unwilling to participate as they are resigned to believing their votes don’t count. Further, many more are frustrated with what they perceive as a corrupt process with no accountability.

Serving in a statewide elected position myself, it is of grave concern to me that each of you currently have all the necessary power and authority to fix this problem before our 2024 election season. It will require a majority of each of your boards to stand together. To do the right thing for every voter in your counties. Of all difficult problems we deal with in government, this is truly the most non-partisan.

May I respectfully ask each of you to reflect on wisdom found in the book of Proverbs 8: 12-21.

“I am Wisdom. Common Sense is my closest friend; I possess knowledge and sound judgement. If you respect the LORD, you will hate evil. I hate pride and conceit and deceitful lies. I am strong and I offer sensible advice and sound judgement. By my power kings govern and rulers make laws that are fair. Every honest leader rules with help from me. I love everyone who loves me, and I will be found by all who honestly search. I can make you rich and famous, important and successful. What you receive from me is more valuable than even the finest gold or the purest silver. I always do what is right, and I give great riches to everyone who loves me.”

Each of you shall be in my prayers and the prayers of all who join me, as you deliberate the merits of not using machines and tabulators in our 2024 elections.

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