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Israeli Forces Find Hamas Missiles Under UN Equipment

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Editors’ Note: Whether it be running cover for terrorist organizations, pushing the totalitarian “Green Agenda”, acting as a nest of spies under diplomatic immunity, or inflicting Covid lockdown on the entire world, the UN has become the epicenter for efforts of the International Left to subvert freedom and Western civilization. It used to be an idea somewhat on the fringe to “Get the US out of the UN.” This should no longer be considered a fringe idea, but rather a necessity to maintain peace and order in the world.


In the latest revelation of United Nations (UN) property being used by terrorists to conceal weapons, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced discovery of a cache of Hamas missiles under UNRWA equipment (watch here).

Hamas has stored weapons in UN schools for years—the UN even admitted that back in 2015. At a certain point, especially considering how much the UN promotes Hamas propaganda against Israel, there has to be knowledgeable culpability for the UN. The UN is so anti-Israel that the Israeli ambassador there put on a yellow star during his speech in October.

Not to mention there is evidence that UN schools are training young Palestinians to want to be jihadis. You can watch a video (one of several) of young Palestinian students at a United Nations school who can’t wait to start killing Jews. They said they are taught to hate Jews and support jihad. The point is that it’s unfortunately not surprising that Hamas was stashing missiles under UN equipment.


“[Jerusalem Post, Dec. 2] The IDF on Saturday uncovered dozens of Hamas missiles hidden underneath UNRWA equipment, it announced.

Dozens of missiles with varying capacities, as well as some 30 Grad rockets, were found and confiscated by forces from the 261st Brigade.

The IDF struck over 400 terror targets across the Gaza Strip since the resumption of the war in Gaza, following a seven-day humanitarian truce with terrorist group Hamas…The [215th Artillery] Brigade also raided a mosque used by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group as an operational headquarters.

The terror-infested mosque was later destroyed by Israeli Air Force fighter jets.”

Thank goodness the Israelis are not letting the terrorists’ use of “civilian” buildings stop them from taking out the threat.


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