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[Davos in the Desert]: An Opportunity To Learn About Hamas Rule in Gaza

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Editors’ Note: The Prickly Pear highly recommends attendance at this event put on by Davos In The Desert. The events of October 7 and the display of anti-semitism across American cities, universities and the media should horrify and outrage every decent person in the nation. The event in Chandler is on Sunday, December 3rd beginning at 5:30 PM. Listen and learn from four outstanding speakers including Alan Dershowitz.

  • America’s Support for Israel
  • Hamas’s Plans to Kill More Israelis
  • Anti-Semitism Raging Throughout the World
  • Hamas’s Diversion of Humanitarian Aid
  • Hamas’s Use of Human Shields
  • How Israelis are Coping in the Aftermath of October 7
  • Plans for Ridding Gaza of Hamas
  • Governance of Gaza Post Hamas
  • Iran’s Involvement in the Multi-Front War Against Israel
  • American Campuses – Hotbeds of Hate

The tickets for this very informative evening can be purchased here.

On October 7, the world witnessed how Hamas externalizes its demonically deadly proclivities. Over 1,400 senseless and barbaric murders. Babies were decapitated and burned alive. Children were killed in front of their parents. Parents slayed in front of their children. Women raped. Over 200 civilian abductions—babies, children, and the infirm among them. Victims of Hamas’s rampage into Israel hailed from at least 25 countries.

What is less known and little discussed is Hamas’s mercilessly repressive rule of Gaza. Freedom of expression, religion, and the press are more distant than pipe dreams. No semblance of legitimate courts exists in Gaza. Under the thumb of Hamas, Gazan schools teach children only hate. The only thing Hamas glorifies is the death of its own people, under the veneer of martyrdom. Women are stripped of their rights. Gaza’s vast tunnel system was largely built with the small hands of enslaved Gazan children.

Corruption is rampant. Honest Gazan merchants are shaken down to the point of being placed in debtors’ jails. Hamas diverts anything of value—food, fuel, medicine—for its mendacious military purposes. Water pipes are unearthed and repurposed as rocket launchers. Gaza’s schools and hospitals are commandeered by Hamas. Hamas militants use their fellow Gazans as human shields. Hamas terrorists literally tie children to buildings to repel reprisals.

On the evening of December 3, world-renowned Israeli-Arab Bassem Eid will speak about these issues in Chandler, AZ. This is a wonderful opportunity to show your support for Israel, regime change in Gaza, and long-term tranquility in the region by attending this Davos in the Desert program.

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