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Coverup? Paradise Valley High School Teacher Allegedly Admitted to Sexually Abusing Student Before Committing Suicide – Hidden From Parents By Superintendent During PVUSD Bond Election?

On Tuesday October 17, 2023, Paradise Valley High School Chemistry Teacher and Assistant Girls Basketball Coach at Horizon High School, Keiko Yoshimine, allegedly committed suicide after allegedly admitted to sexually abusing a student at Paradise Valley High School in Arizona. Other reports placed her death on Thursday, October 19th. This story broke on Wednesday, October 18th on the James T Harris show around the 48 minute mark as a “heads up form Judicial Watch“. Listen to the clip here.

Anonymous sources close to the story have confirmed the report and further that an “arrest of Keiko Yoshimine was imminent Monday, the day before, following an active police investigation.” Another source who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that “there were multiple victims“. Requests confirming these reports to Principal Ian Deonise and Superintendent Dr. Troy Bales were not immediately returned.

Strangely, all social media of teacher Keiko Yoshimine appears to have been completely scrubbed of all images and posts and her linkedin profile did not even mention she was a teacher. 

Superintendent Dr. Troy Bales sent out an email to parents of Paradise Valley High school, treating the situation as a tragic death while failing to mention any of the details about an active police investigation, admission of student sexual abuse, or multiple victims. Is this a coordinated coverup? Is this coverup happening because of the current PVUSD Bond Election? A full investigation of all details, victims, and potential coverup is immediately needed. 

Grooming of students by teachers in the LGBTQ community has been a hot button recently, and Paradise Valley School District and Horizon High School has been in headlines before. In December of 2021, Horizon High School “Principal Linda Ihnat was terminated after parents found sexual content in a book on an optional Advanced Placement English reading list.” and “On Nov. 16, Superintendent Troy Bales issued a letter of apology to parents about the book. He said it was not on a district-approved book list and was not age appropriate. Bales pledged to better implement procedures regarding informing parents about assigned books, the AP reported.”

On Sunday, October 22, 2023, children marched in a Phoenix Pride Parade in Downtown Phoenix according to the Arizona Republic. What is the connection between LGBTQ Pride, exposure to children, and Grooming of children in schools?

Media coverage from SNBC13 honored the teacher’s passing while very strangely mixing up male and female pronouns saying:

“Keiko Yoshimine Death – Former Head Coach at Paradise Valley High School has passed away suddenly. He was announced dead on Thursday, October 19, 2023. She died leaving the hearts of many scarred after learning of her sudden death. She will always be missed by all those who knew him during the course of his life.

“While at Paradise Valley High School, Keiko Yoshimine served as the head coach for a period six years, coaching the Girls Basketball Team from 2006-2012. During her time coaching at, she was known for her tremendous impact on the Girls Basketball Team.”

It is unclear if Keiko Yoshimine was active in the LGBTQ community, a member of any clubs on campus such as the controversial Glisten or other clubs.

Keiko Yoshimine was also the cofounder of the One10 basketball camp for children according to the web site. It also featured a quote above “Coach K” saying “There is nothing more rewarding than helping kids gain confidence in themselves and their abilities” and “every kid deserves the opportunity to work hard toward their dreams.”

A full investigation of all details, victims, and potential coverup is immediately needed.

Brian Ference is an Independent Journalist and Citizen Reporter covering Politics in Arizona.
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