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ASU Investigating Pro-Palestinian Protesters Disrupting A Meeting On Campus

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Editors’ Note:  We are pretty much free speech purists, even if that speech is repugnant. However, if groups break the rules pertaining to on-campus meetings or intimidate and interfere with other university functions using force and coercion, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  After the BLM riots, it seems the country got used to allowing vast numbers of people to break the law. The theory seemed to be you need to give space to give people space to blow off political steam through arson and violence. There is no right to riot. That is not speech. Officials are at fault for not only not enforcing the law, but also conveying to other groups, that they would not enforce the law. This needs to stop immediately. We hope ASU makes sure rock throwing will not be tolerated.

Arizona State University leaders are responding to a situation where pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted a student government meeting on campus, inferring there might be criminal charges. 

The incident started with a student government meeting on Nov. 14 where members of Students for Justice in Palestine demanded the school back away from its previous statements of support for Israel in its current military actions against Hamas for the terrorist organization’s invasion of the Jewish nation on Oct. 6. Students for Justice in Palestine also demanded a resolution pushing the school to boycott and divest from Israel be considered, according to an Instagram post

According to Chabad at ASU, the meeting ended early after protesters outside began throwing rocks at the building. 

“All criminal behavior and student code of conduct violations are going to be dealt with accordingly,” the group wrote.

ASU released a statement Wednesday saying they’re looking into the incident. 

“The incident is being reviewed for possible disorderly conduct and criminal damage charges — no arrests have been made at this time. Arizona State University provides a community that embraces diversity, tolerance, respect, and inclusion. The university rejects and denounces antisemitism.” 

The school said it would not tolerate physical intimidation or violence and will take action to ensure the safety of students.

Former Arizona Board of Regents member and 2022 Republican candidate for governor Karrin Taylor Robson expressed concern and solidarity for Jewish students at her alma mater.

“Anti-Semitism is evil & has no place on our college campuses. To see it happening at my alma mater is beyond heartbreaking. It’s unacceptable,” she said in a social media post. “ASU needs to act publicly and decisively. This alum is watching.”


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