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Take Our Border Back Summit North America Alliance: Canada-USA-Mexico

2024 Events at the Northern and Southern Borders:

“Breaking Bread, Table Talk, & Prayer”

Following the success of the February 3, 2024, convoy and rallies in Texas, California, and Arizona, Take Our Border Back Convoy events generated approximately 10,000 attendees with 100 million reached worldwide through social media, broadcast TV/Radio, podcasts, and print media. The Take Our Border Back Steering Committee announces: Take Our Border Back North America Alliance. This alliance includes representatives from Canada, the USA, and Mexico, all united by their shared concerns regarding the devastating impact or open borders, Illegal mass migration, compromised election integrity,
and the Global agenda being implemented. “We The People as Sovereign Individuals” will PEACEFULLY AND LAWFULLY gather at the Northern and Southern borders of our three countries throughout 2024, for “Breaking Bread, Table Talk, & Prayer” to restore the Sovereignty of our nations, hold governments accountable, and reclaim the power of the people, by the people, and for the people. Take Our Border Back Summit North America Alliance will provide resources, strategies, and action plans to empower and equip “We The People” to bring their shared concerns to the table and hold each Sovereign State’s Local Sheriff, City Councils, County Board of Supervisors, Schoo boards. and elected officials accountable to the rule of law within each nation.

The TOBB Summit North America Alliance aims to spotlight and challenge policies that have facilitated the unprecedented crossing of millions at the Northern and Southern U.S. borders, significantly affecting all three countries which they describe as an invasion, by predominantly military-aged men. The alliance also highlights the severe consequences of open borders, including escalated human trafficking, the surge in fentanyl deaths, and compromised elections.

Events are planned across five U.S. states; California, Texas, Arizona, and Montana, beginning June through November 2024. They will include participants from all three countries, demonstrating a unified stand against current policies. Eddie Cornell, known for his successful lawsuit against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau concerning the Emergencies Act, stated, “Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans are uniting to demonstrate the strength and resolve of free citizens. We are witnessing social, economic, and cultural genocide.”

The time has come for “We The People” to exercise authority over current unconstitutional governments and together restore the sovereignty of our individual nations.

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